Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Our New Kitten

He's fluffy and rambunctious and soft and cuddly and chatty!

He snuggles beside us in bed and follows us around the house.

So far we have a few names that we like, but we can't decide!

Duke (he's royalty, obviously!!)
Sherriff (he's very important!)
Goose (He's soft like goose down)
Digit (he has one black toe)
Magic (as in black magic...)


  1. Those are some good names....too many choices, although Duke makes me laugh! He's SO darn cute!!

  2. Our cat looked like a twin and his name was Sparky! I think a cat around is a great muse!

  3. LOVE him...I vote for Digit, it's unique just like your new little boy!

  4. Magic...he stole your heart..

  5. I vote for Duke! What a cute kitten. We may be getting on in July, I hope he's as cute as this one!

  6. Clearly royalty as you said, he is just the cutest. I like Duke and Digit, cute by any name would smell as sweet? Maybe that doesn't apply to cats, yikes. Anyway I love your post cards, they are perfect ways to share little bits of art, little bits of you with another. Thanks for the inspiration.


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