Thursday, 14 June 2012

I Organized My Fabric Cupboard!

The title says it all! I spent a few hours this weekend folding, sorting and organizing my fabric cupboard!

I'm so happy with how it looks. The cabinet is a $20 craigslist find and the wooden box holding the fabrics was on the side of the road!

This wooden box makes me swoon! I carefully folded all of my smaller pieces of fabric and lined them up so that I could see them all. Perfect for grabbing a pattern or colour that I need when I'm making journals!

I love this photo. the fabrics are so lovely and the lace just adds a little touch of femininity!


  1. I'll swoon with your organizing cupboard..sweet will have to have a art journal party to celebrate.....

  2. Greetings from Australia! Lovely way to manage your fabric stash Shannon.
    Oh that mine was small enough to fit in a dear little cupboard and a cute box.
    My stash of fabric fills up several large storage boxes and bags, to say
    nothing about the knitting yarns, fleece, embroidery threads, paints, dyes etc all
    of which fill up a single garage size shed. I'll have to live till I'm at
    least 150 years old to use it all up. Oh well, you get that lol


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