Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Watercolour Techniques

I think I've stumbled across something wonderful. Who knows - this technique could be being used by artists all over the world! Today, though, I' going to keep it for myself and say that I came up with it. (If you've seen this done before, just nod and smile and read on ;)

Here is a glimpse of a page that I painted with watercolours, then began to outline the darker and lighter portions of the watercolours with a black Pigma pen.
You can see here the yellow portion before I outlined it. See how there are lighter and darker yellows as a natural result of the watercolour paints?

And here is the same portion after I outlined it. It gives it a whole new cartoon-like dimension that I love!!

Here is the whole page with all of the lighter and darker portions outlined. I wish that I had taken a photo of the before - these outlines really make an amazing impact on the page!!
Neat, right? And I discovered it all by myself! :) I feel like a journal queen! Like I said, I'm sure that it has been done before since it is such a simple technique, but to be playing around with watercolours and then stumbling upon this idea, I feel pretty outstanding!!

Maybe I'll work this into my postcards...


  1. I love it! How cool that you discovered it for yourself. It's always a great feeling. :)

  2. I love it....LOVE,LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! THANKS! for sharing!!!

  3. (smiled and read on...) what a lovely technique! ha ha!

  4. This is beautiful!! This style would make wonderful postcards!

  5. This looks awesome, Shannon. It would make amazing postcards!


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