Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Book Review - Journal Spilling by Diana Trout

I had always wanted to read Diana Trout's Journal Spilling and was lucky enough to borrow this book from a friend.

The cover itself looks yummy and inviting, doesn't it?

When I initially flipped through it, the things that attracted me the most were the artworks of Diana's that peppered the pages.

Not only does Diana show us full art pieces and how they are created, she also decorates the pages with whimsical lines and figures.
I love the whimsy in the details. This spread is one of many that goes into detail about supplies for mixed media.

I love this spread - it depicts perfectly the general style of the book with step-by-step photos and instructions on archiving the effects that Trout gets in her artworks. This is the type of art book that I LOVE since it shows exactly where you can go with each step.

Doesn't this title look like it's on real masking tape? This page and others instruct us on how and where to get supplies for making mixed media.

Another thing that I love about this book is the personal tidbits that are included at the introduction to each technique. Diana makes her own artwork come alive with her clever wit and casual banter.

After going through this book a couple of times, I feel that I have the technique and confidence as an artist to create the types of artwork that Diana shows us.

Once I worked through a couple of the step-by-step lessons, I began to find my own way with the creation of artwork that includes my personal flavour.

This is DEFINITELY a great book for any of us mixed media artists: techniques, supplies and inspiration galore!

More about this book in the coming days :)

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  1. I love this book. Have you thought about "following" my blog? I'm coming up on my 500th post and I'm offering a blank handmade journal as a giveaway on April 21st. You can enter just by commenting on a post between 4/7-4/21 or by participating in my Saturday meme, Writing On the Wall.

  2. hi Shannon
    thanks - great review, it looks like a really useful book. Also thanks for the lovely video on Coptic binding on your site too, its so clear and makes it look more do able than some of them! I'm definitely going to have a go at that one shortly. Inspired by your clear photos and patient explanation of how it works.
    have a good weekend there!

    [Im in Canberra, Australia - I think i came to you via the sketchbook project.. last night, anyway, in my blog hoppin around!].


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