Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another Handmade Journal!

Just a few shots at another journal that I'm currently filling.

It's only about 16 (maybe 18?) pages long, but I've been having SO much fun creating it, building it, and altering it!

Washi tape and a wavy border add to the overall whimsy...

A bit blurry, but I love the effect of the "grass" that I cut into the edge of this page!

So many layers here! The heart tab, wavy border, and washi tape are so fun here, and really add to the creativity of the book.

A little library pocket on the second-to-last page can hold little messages...And notice that some of the pages have flaps that fold open to extend the page.

Some detail on the back cover (goes over to the front cover too). I tied it together very simply with some colourful embroidery floss.


  1. The fun you are having shows in your wonderful journal! It is so bright and happy!

  2. So much those gorgeous colors!!

  3. not only are the colors fantastic, but the way you curved and cut the edges of the pages, folding some over, is so creative. I love it.


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