Tuesday, 27 March 2012

On The Wall!

I've finished my cardboard, mixed media shelving unit!

Here is another photo from yesterday's post of a close-up of the corner. See the great detail and texture?!

And here it is on the wall! Doesn't it look fanTAStic?!

You can see that it is a great size for displaying little knick-knacks. I'm so excited to fill it!!
The techniques that I used on this are from the Pay What You Want Learning Package. You can see exactly how I achieved these great depths of detail and then do the same thing yourself on a piece of art or on something for the decor of your house!

The PWYW Learning Package is available here!

For your next DIY project, try finding some current Lowes promos for possible savings on supplies.


  1. How come what we make ourselves has much more meaning than what we buy? Beautiful shelf to display beautiful objects by an equally beautiful person.

  2. Wow, Shannon, this is terrific! What a wonderful way to repurpose that old shelf instead of throwing it away. I would never guess that this was the same one you started with. Excellent job! Hugs from Alaska. Thanks for my PWYW learning package too. The videos are great and I will be using all the other items in my crafts too. Fun stuff!!!!

  3. I like what you did with the box I gave you. Enjoy!


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