Sunday, 11 March 2012

Insert Coins

I'm at a bar in downtown Vegas that is FULL of video games. My husband is in nerd heaven!! The great thing is that there is a real DJ spinning records, so all is not lost for me. Plus, I have you, my lovelies, to write to and share this experience with.

It seems that I can't add captions to photos on my mobile device but I have to tell you about the photo below with all of the televisions. This bar is set up like a sports bar except that all the TVs are linked up to game consoles. All of those TVs are being played by people with game controllers. I've never seen anything like it! Although I'm not a gamer myself, I can totally appreciate the culture and associated nerds. I am a big nerd-lover, so anything that brings me closer to that wins in my books!

Also, I should emphasize that I'm blogging from a bar in Vegas. If that doesn't say nerd, then I don't know what does!!

There are probably promo codes for saving money on your next trip to Vegas.

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