Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIWO Wednesday - It's What I'm Working On

Today I want to show you the finishing touches that I put on my postcards for the International Mixed Media Postcard Swap.

They went in the mail on Friday of last week... you may already have one in your mailbox! :)

My materials:
- watercolour paper
- watercolour paints
- tissue paper and acrylic medium for texture in the background
- magazine clippings for the hearts
- fabric for the flowers
- alphabet stamps and black Stazon ink
- sewing machine stitching for the embellishments and border
- black Micron marker for doodles

I also printed out a cute vintage postcard back to fasten onto the backs of my cards. You can see it in the picture here:

Here is a close-up of the stamping, stitching and magazine heart. I doodled around the heart with a black Micron marker. 

Although all of the cards are different, each one has the same elements and follows the same theme of finding "bliss"

How did your postcards turn out?
Post a link to your postcards in the comments of this blog post so that we can see them! :)


  1. Mine are going out today. Here's a link to my blog and my postcards.

    I had so much fun doing these:) Thanks for organizing this swap Shannon!

  2. It was SO MUCH FUN! I'm getting so many emails from people who are receiving beautiful pieces of art in the mail.

    It is truly SUCH a pleasure to coordinate such a great activity!


  3. I have received 3 beautiful postcards thus far. I look forward to more in the mail. I sent one of mine out and the rest will go out tomorrow. So much fun. Thanks again Shannon for all the organizing.

  4. I have received several cards in the mail so far and heard several of my cards have made it to the recipients safely. It's so exciting to think about all the places the cards are headed! My whole set is posted here - Thanks again Shannon!

  5. I sent all of mine out a week or so ago - and I have received one so far, and it's beautiful! I am new at this and I am in awe at the great artists out there who give me such inspiration!
    Kim S

  6. Love that stitched heart! I blogged today about the first three cards I have received, and there is a link in that post to the cards I sent out: I hope you'll stop by for a visit! :-)

  7. Great postcards Shannon .
    All Mine went out Tuesday.
    here they are ....;postID=439199528510326565

  8. I've received 2 of my postcards already and they are absolutely breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL! I am still working on mine after a bout with a major sinus infection/headache but I was wondering WHERE IN THE WORLD DO I FIND THOSE NIFTY LITTLE CLEAR ENVELOPES?!?!? I've been "googling" like crazy ...

  9. I'm not sure which ones you mean, but I have used these envelopes in the past:

    They're card-sized and well-made.

    Does anyone else have any ideas for plastic envelopes?


  10. I've really enjoyed this swap, too! I sent out all of mine and have received three so far (including one of Shannon's beautiful "bliss" postcards!). Here's a link to the ones I sent:

    Thanks again for coordinating this, Shannon.

  11. Thanks, Shannon ... I was all set to order BUT postage looks like it's going to be MORE than expected. :( I will wait patiently to see if anyone here in the States can give me a source ... otherwise my postcards will have to be enclosed in {gasp!} ENVELOPES!!!!

  12. I've received one postcard so far, and it's gorgeous - lots of layered stamping - all the way from Germany!
    Mine have all gone out - here's a post with some of them: Thanks, Shannon, for this awesome swap!

    these are the cards I made and so far I received 8 cards I will post a photo off the mtoday on my blog.


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