Thursday, 16 February 2012

What to Do?

My friend and fellow blogger Cheryl Ford gave me this Duracell Battery display box.

I looked at it and imagined there could be many different uses for it.

What do you think I should do with it? All suggestions welcomed! :)


  1. Well I would cover the entire box with bit of paper using your favorite medium and random color. Then when dry stamp or doodle the box and then decide to leave it up-right or turn for display. You could add more cardboard to make more division or even make doors or draws.Then the fun part fill it with stuff that makes your heart flutter. Hugs Debi

  2. DOD Easter Bunnies! Energizer Bunnies. Are those ?metal? bits on each shelf "hollow" - ie you could thread something through and across - sort of macrame curtains, spider webbing ... Or thinking graveyard for batteries and bits of battery-operated toys (Dur-acell) (whisper: Durex as shrouds) Sorry, been looking at some pretty macabre stuff elsewhere, got me going on those lines!
    Cheers, Anne

  3. Ink pad storage? (after you doll it up, of course)

  4. Collage it (will add some strength to it)and use it to display postcards, ATC's, etc.


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