Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Postcards Are Rolling In!

Are you getting some great postcards? I can't beLIEVE some of the art that I'm getting.

In honour of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing some "link love" with all of you.

I've taken some photos of my favourites so far... have a look.

This card is from Carlene Taylor Simmons.
I was so tickled to get this because of the texture that she has created using fabric and her sewing machine along with the paper and paint...
I LOVE your work, Carlene!

This one is from the talented Pippa Gore. Have you checked out Pippa's blog?
She updates it about three times a day - you wouldn't believe how much art this woman makes.
She is truly an inspiration!

This is another card that really blew me away. It's from Pam Parker in Australia.
Get this: the leaves on her tree are made from APPLE STICKERS! Cute and clever.
Pam is just starting out her journey into mixed media and I'd say she's doing a splendid job!

Mark Montano has to be my number one idol in so many ways. I love what he pulls together.
He is like the MacGyver of Art, craft, and DIY.
Who else would put Mary, skulls, butterflies and glitter all in the same place?
I've never seen my name look so beautiful. I dream about being able to write in such a pretty way.
This is how Mark Montano addressed his (butterfly) envelope to me. 


  1. Love the link Shannon, I too got a Mark Montano one (so lucky) + ones from Joan Flynn, Harriet Hensley & Pam Parker, TY for organising this xx
    PS can I be female today LOL!

  2. I've had 6 come in so far, those who have included an email address I've thanked directly. I've also been putting them in a "public" album in facebook, Anyone wants so see, look up Anne Squire, my profile pic is the same road sign as here. I'm so enjoying seeing the variety of "subject matter", styles, and techniques. Thanks heaps Shannon for organising the swap!

    1. Anne, I could not locate you on Facebook. I would love to see the postcards you have gotten. There were a lot of Anne Squire's but none with that road sign???

  3. Thanks for the love Shannon! I have received several wonderful cards so far. It's great to see such a variety of styles and it was a thrill to mail out to addresses all over the world.

  4. I have received 3 so far and I am in awe of the amazing artwork. I have posted them on my blog.. http://stampinmaui.blogspot.com/.
    Thank you ladies and thank you Shannon for organizing this...I am so thatnkful I entered:)

  5. I've only received one so far. Looking forward to the rest. Did you get my felted card Shannon?

  6. I've received 6 so far and I love them all! I've just added a post to my blog showing the ones I sent and the ones I've received. Here's the link: http://prairiejill.blogspot.com/

    1. Your cards (that you sent) are lovely and the one's your received are awesome too. I loved the unique shaped one the best...if I was forced to choose a favorite...lol

  7. I have 8 so far....and all mine are going out in the nick of time....just meeting the deadline. But hopefully they won't mind. We've had 2 deaths in the family and that sorta put me behind. Sorry. But wow!!! Such lovely artwork....can't wait to see what others got. I will be posting mine (both sent and rec'vd) on my blog soon. dangerousdoodlerthinksoutloud.blogspot.com

  8. I've received 2 postcards so far -- so fun! I finally finished mine and will send them tomorrow (late, I know), but we bought a house and finally moved. I scored an art studio out of the deal and had to wait for it to be constructed before I could unpack all my 'stuff!' this has been a fun experience for me. I'm hoping everyone else is enjoying it just as much :)


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