Thursday, 19 January 2012

Imitation Fosters Creation

Simple, stylised tree. I don't know who made it.
If it is your work, please let me know! 

I came across an amazing watercolour tree a couple of years ago.

I loved its simplicity.

I loved how the "leaves" were perfectly round.

I loved the little birds.

I printed it off the computer and I pasted it into one of my art journals for future inspiration.

Last year I decided to dabble in watercolours (now one of my favourite media!) My first attempt was to copy the tree.

I really liked how the watercolours allowed the leaves to take on different hues and shades. They definitely came to life more than I had imagined. I was definitely hooked on watercolours from then on!

My imitation of the perfect tree. It definitely pales in comparison, yet when viewed on its own it has a voice.

This afternoon I decided to re-create the image again using crayons. I had a lightly coloured background and took different shades of green and brown to create my tree.

My tree in using crayons.
When I look at my own trees in my art journal, I like them a lot! In fact, I think they look pretty awesome for their own reasons.

It's only when I put them up against the inspiration piece that I get grumbly and discouraged.

 What do you think about art imitation?

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  1. I use images as jumping off points. The act of imitation refuses to work between my eyes, brain, and hand. I like your tree with the water colour.


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