Saturday, 31 December 2011

Organization for 2012

Just want to give you a peek into my studio and my organization system. 

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a total STICKLER for organization. I love little cases and drawers and labels.

I've yet to find an old library card catalogue cabinet, but when I do, I'll be giddy with glee!
Here is one corner of my art studio. The gray filing cabinet on the right is from Ikea and holds mostly tools that I use  including different glues, scissors, scrapers, etc.

It's the white plastic drawer cabinet in the middle that I want to tell you about today...
I bought it from Target for somewhere around $50. The drawers are individual cases which have their own locking covers.
They are about 13"x13", so they hold even my larger papers...

I labelled them all with my fancy Dymo labeller.
Of course they are labelled according to the rainbow, in order: ROY G BIV, then brown and black/white at the bottom. 
Here is my brown case - you can see that each case contains scraps of all different media in differing shades of brown.
In this photo: fabric, wallpaper,  numbers, scrapbook paper...

...tissue paper, photo negatives, thin cardboard...

...magazine tear-outs, more scrapbook paper and wallpaper swatches... negatives, more fabric, and a marvelous slice of agate.
All the brown tones are in this case.
And I have one drawer/container for each colour :)

This way, when something new comes into my hot little hands, I can file it right away in the right colour group to use later. 
Neat huh? And organized, too! Hop on over to Target and look for one for yourself!


  1. Wow. Right now my craft space is a total mess. You have given me some great ideas and a new year's resolution.


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