Saturday, 5 November 2011

Coptic Wha....?

When I was researching different methods of bookbinding, I did a double-take when I came across Coptic stitching for binding books. Having taught grade seven for a couple of years (before venturing into high school), I learned a lot about Ancient Egypt. Did you know that Coptic Egyptian is a language that goes back hundreds of years? Coptic is also a type of bookbinding stitch.

After some research and a couple of videos, I am now the Coptic Master. I definitely don't speak Coptic Egyptian, but I can sew a great Coptic stitch!

Check out what  I  did tonight! In particular, I'm not only proud of my Coptic Artistry, but of my great cover designs. Totally unique and definitely one-of-a-kind!

Psssst! They'll be for sale at A Real Piece of Work on the 19th! Come and get 'em!

Here's my cheesy proud video - I'm so stoked about these journals that I don't even mind showing my face on camera. Now THAT'S excitement!

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