Monday, 7 November 2011

Art in French Class

Did you know that I teach high school French?

My little Frenchies are so much fun. They're really not so little - most of them are getting their drivers' licenses and first boyfriends and girlfriends. Honestly, it's so much fun to watch their emotional strife as they learn about themselves and discover who they are...

We just finished a unit where they had to explore their childhoods and then write a 400-word autobiography in French. This was a pretty big task for them, so once it was finished, I rewarded their hard work with a day of portrait painting.

The only criteria were that the images had to represent themselves in some way, and they had to be somewhat recognizable in the pictures. I encouraged them to think outside the box and use symbols and motifs to help represent who they are as people.

Here are some of my favourites. Can you guess which one is mine?


Sorry about the formatting! I am having trouble figuring out image placement :P


  1. Ahh tres bien!! Je m'apelle Nadia, tu t'apelle comment? Qu'est-ce que c'est? UNE POMME!

    Oh god... that's all I remember from French class!! Here's my answer to your questions on my blog btw :)

    1. No the colour doesn't get on my skin since it's only in my hair for a few minutes, but when I dyed my hair with Manic Panic it stained my neck and ears like hell, and also kept on staining for days. That's why I don't dye my full hair with MP, just use it as a refresher.
    2. My roots are blonde so MP works fine for me, but I do think that you need to bleach your hair to some extent (if your hair is dark) to get those bright colours MP can give you.
    3. I don't bleach my hair anylonger, since my hair is already naturally blonde. I just try to grow out the bleached hair so the red colour I use will stay longer on my natural hair.

    Thanks for loving my blog, my blog loves you too! :)

  2. OH MY GOD I just got your lovely letter!! I can't believe you sent me a letter, I'm so touched. It really really made my day (my week!) and I'm gonna put it somewhere I can see it every day. Wow.. there are good people out there. Thanks a lot!! :) :) *happiest cat ever*

  3. yayyyyyyyy! I'm so excited that you love it!!! :D

  4. My face lit up in a huge smile when I openened the mailbox :)


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