Monday, 3 October 2011

Cheap Art Journal Materials

Ok pals, I went to Daiso on the weekend. I know, I know, cheap Asian-made crap, right? Well, yes! That's a pretty accurate description, but man-o-man! What an absolute PLAYGROUND for art journals! I bought 8 rolls of washi tape for a total of six bucks. Nice! I'm going to play around in my current art journal and then show you the AWESOMEness that it truly is!

I also picked up some stick-on lace and of course some origami paper, which gives any journal page a quick and easy background. And yes, one of the washi tape rolls is pictures of differnt types of sushi... over and over and over and over....

While I'm not usually an advocate for cheap Asian-made crap (I shop locally and from small business as often as I can), I really couldn't resist this stuff... more pics to come!!

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