Monday, 31 October 2011

C'est l'Halloween!

Happy Halloween Pals!

I'm dressed up as BikeGirl today - an imaginary super hero that was dreamed up due to a sticker on the back of my helmet. For those of you who don't know, I'm an avid cyclist. My bike, Judith Winchester III is a Slipstream electric assist bike - that means that when you're pedalling up a hill, you can punch a button and the wheels turn a little faster to help you up. It's PERFECT for the hills around White Rock!

Here I am in my costume - pink cape, pink helmet, pink "B," pink hair! The cape was specifically designed out of super sheer fabric so that it flaps behind me in the immense wind that I create while riding my bike (not). The pink B is made from sparkly felt. SPARKLY FELT. Felt with SPARKLES. Nothing is too sparkly for BikeGirl.

Enjoy the pics, and enjoy the day!

BikeGirl's rough-and-tumble attitude is no match for the mean streets of White Rock. 

Many mortals try to overcome her, but only a precious few have survived. 

A rare occasion - BikeGirl smiling. Don't think that this is a demonstration of weakness! 

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