Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pay What You Want! (And a Giveaway!)

Remember these?

They're on etsy, but why buy from me when you can...



Today I want to give you an opportunity to learn some mixed media techniques

In particular, these are the techniques that I use when doing my bird artwork that you may have seen on etsy. The photos above show an idea of what you will learn.
In this package, you will receive:
- Two videos featuring two different techniques on creating the backgrounds that you see above. The videos total 23 minutes and are narrated as well as captioned as some of my artist friends are hearing-impaired. The videos show the tools that I use, the techniques, the materials (including some tips for sourcing out cheap alternatives!) and the media.

- 45 words and phrases directly from my typewriter - scanned in at a high resolution so that you can use them at any size in any of your artwork.

- 15 of my favourite birds on one sheet (I've cut and pasted all fifteen of them to one sheet and scanned them in at a very high resolution so that you can use them in a large or small format in any of your artwork!)

- A high-quality jpg of the "Two Fish" piece from my Teesha Moore inspired 16-Page Book (original artwork!). You can use it as art inspiration, or slice it up to make a piece of your own!

- A coupon to buy anything in my etsy shop at half price - forever. (I make jewelry too, and will be posting my new line this summer!)

I know that you are already excited so let's get to the nitty gritty!

How much is it?

The price is easy. 

Pay what you want. 

Does that make you feel uncomfortable?
Please don't let it. I'm honestly and truly happy to offer you this package and as long as you pay something (even just a few dollars!), then I'm THRILLED to share it with you.

I'm a newlywed with a starter home - I know how hard it is to make ends meet. I RARELY purchase workshop packages or web tutorials because I just can't afford them! I would never spend more than $15-20 for an intangible tutorial/workshop, and I don't think that you should either.

Please Note:

Your "Pay What You Want"  purchase is set up through PayPal as a donation since you will enter whatever amount you like. Please be assured that although the button says "Donate," you will indeed be receiving all of the items in the Learning Package as listed above via email from me within 24 hours of your payment. 

Go ahead - do it!

Love it!

Make art!

"But won't you be insulted if I only pay a few dollars?"

Nope. I'll be SO happy to share this with you and so glad that you spent a few dollars on the package!

I will be ecstatic to send you the links and the rest of the perks and might even bug you to see what you make after going through the processes!

I love art, and I think you do too. The fact that I can help you make art makes my heart swell and my eyes brighten. I will truly feel great seeing that you want to share your art-making experience with me.

I wish that artists would make their workshops more affordable so that more people could share their enthusiasm and love for art. 

So that's what I'm doing. 

Affordable tutorials, plus some other perks. 

For a price that you can afford.

Once I receive an email from PayPal notifying me of of your purchase, I will email you links to the videos, plus the files and other perks that I've listed above. The files are fairly large so that you can use them at any scale; please ensure that you clarify which email address you'd like the files sent to.

Go ahead. Pay what you want. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your "Pay What You Want" price is set up through PayPal as a Donation since you will enter whatever amount you like. Please be assured that although the button says "Donate," you will indeed be receiving all of the items in the Learning Package as listed above via email from me within 24 hours of your payment. 


The Giveaway

What is a new Learning Package without a Giveaway?!

There are THREE prizes!!
The grand prize:
hand-built art journal which retails for $15 in my etsy shop 

TWO runner-up prizes!
- a Mixed Media Learning Package to give to a friend
- a typewriter text 30-word package where YOU choose the words (as seen here in my etsy shop) sent right to your door. 

There are three ways to enter:
1. Share this blog post on your own website or blog, then post a link in today's comments to show me and to share your blog with the other artists who read Musings On Realities!

2. Buy a Learning Package and Pay What You Want. If you purchase the package before March 31, you will automatically be entered. 

3. Visit my etsy shop, then email me and tell me what words you would choose for this item in my shop. 

Do all three and enter three times! 

Contest closes March 31st, 2012.  


Good luck!


  1. I just want you to know that I am so glad I found you--this ROCKS!!! YOU ROCK!!! THANK YOU!

  2. What a fabulous giveaway, Shannon!!
    So generous of you!!
    Love your items!

  3. Shannon what a fab idea...thanks for this opportunity..share it on fb girlfriend....have a great weekend...

  4. Fantabalous giveaway! I have shared the details on my blog and hope to enter your give away too :D The link is:

  5. This looks brilliant, thank you Shannon :o)

    I've just signed up for your class and blabbed about it on my blog!

    I'll pop over to your etsy shop now!



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