Friday, 16 December 2011

International Mixed Media Postcard Swap

Hello all you fine creative folk!

Today marks the launch for the 2012 International Mixed Media Postcard Swap!!!!

The basic idea:
- You will make 10 postcards in a mixed media format (don't be afraid - mixed media is a cinch! Keep reading...)
- You will receive 10 mailing address from me for other creative people just like you from around the world!
- You will send each of those ten people one of your handmade postcards.
- Then you will receive a handmade postcard from 10 other people from around the world!

Sound like fun? Then join us!

The rules:
The rules are easy, but make sure that you read through them and follow them! Remember, you have to follow through if you sign up! A real live person will be waiting for each of your postcards!!

1. Join the swap by sending me your information (full name, home address (including country!), email, and blog or website address if you have one). If you are missing ANY of this information or if I cannot contact you using the email address that you provided, I will consider you as not participating.

2. Last day to sign up day is January 20th, 2012!

3. Make 10 handmade postcards in a mixed-media style. Remember, "Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed." That means that you can combine ANY types of art into your postcards! (Oh what fun!!!!! :D)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Photography and Ink
- Fabric and Watercolours
- Paint and Crayons (I *love* crayons!)
- Pencil Crayons and Ink
- Fabric and Photography
- Collage and Paint
- Scrapbook Style and Paint
- Embroidery and Ink
Use any or ALL of these combinations, or think of your own! The possibilities truly are endless!!!

4. After January 20th, I will email you 10 mailing addresses to send your cards to. They might be from across the city, across the country, or on the other side of the world because this swap is open for everyone!

5. Make sure that you fix the appropriate amount of postage, write a nice message, and then send your postcards "plain" or "hidden" in an envelope for protection depending on what you've made. (It’s up to you)! The deadline for sending your postcards is February 20th, 2012.

6. Tell your friends or grab this badge to put onto your blog, linking to this post! The more people we have participating, the more fun it will be! Spread the word; share a link to this page on Facebook or Twitter, write about the swap in your next blog post. Thanks for helping make this swap AWESOME!

7. Wait patiently for the snail mail to do its thing! You will be getting postcards from 10 different people around the world! How exciting!

Inspired yet? I sure am! I'm going to go start making my postcards right now!

*I'm taking a short break from blogging for Christmas, but I will still be glued to my email!

Send me your full name, mailing address, and email address to participate in the swap!


  1. I'm totally doing this with you!

  2. I'm in and these are my 10 cards for swapping LOL!

  3. I will email you my details-this is so exciting!!

    Have a joyful, peaceful holiday season, Violette.

    Love, Ethel

  4. Ethel - This is my blog (Shannon), not Violette! Looking forward to receiving your details!

    The response so far has been AMAZING!!!

    - Shannon

  5. This will be my first ever swap! I'm excited!

  6. What a great idea ! Deborah told me about it ! I would love you count me in ! I'm going to pm you ;-)
    Sandrine, independant artist from Belgium ;-)

  7. Sounds like fun...I'm in and am mailing you my details!

  8. I love Postcard Swaps. Count me in. :^)) Beth

  9. thanks for hosting this swap! I'm signed up too!

  10. Just emailed my details, Shannon!
    Maisy x

  11. I just signed up and I am excited to get started:)

  12. Me too, just emailed my details. Looking forward to participate.
    Kind regards,
    Els Hengstmengel (aka KnutzEls)

  13. I'm in .... buying my postcards right now!

  14. I'll be joining the postcard swap, too...will send my contact info right now! Merry Christmas!

  15. This sounds like so much fun!!!! Sending you my info!

  16. Can someone tell me what is no doubt glaringly obvious....where do I send my info....grrrr!!! It must me these new glasses!!! I am supposed to see more but I swear I swear I see less. :-)

  17. I'm in. I emailed you my particulars.

  18. what is your email ?

  19. sounds like in!!!
    just posted some backgrounds i can use
    on my blog


  20. I'm in, Shannon and have emailed you my info. I'm looking forward to the swap.

  21. Thank you for hosting! I am in! I emailed you my info.
    Sue VanLandingham

  22. I would love to join the swap

  23. Consider me in....what a fun idea and such a great way to be inspired!

  24. Hi Shannon,
    Would LOVE to sign up for this postcard swap!
    Will send details through to you asap. :)
    Love from Oz,

  25. Thanks for hosting such a great swap Shannon!! Can't wait to get going on my Postcards! ;)

  26. This sounds like so much fun! I'll send you my info.

  27. This sounds like fun. Please sign me up. Kathy Mc at
    my blog,

  28. please sign me up! I´ll send my info to you immediately.

  29. it sounds great. please sign me in. I´ll send you my info.

  30. I would love to partcipiate please send me up! i'll send info

  31. OMG! I'm late signing up!! I've been workingovertime and not having time to check this out!
    I got her via Marie O. I surely hope that your swap is a success. If you are sad to miss my sign up, maybe you could squeeze me in.

    (But I know there are reasons to rules, so I understand)

    Rock on!

  32. Ooh! Andria's in it, too!

    This is going to be a good one.

  33. Shannon: a friend got her list of recipients today but I did not yet. I just want to check that I didn't miss an email because I accidentally deleted some unread email messages yesterday. Thanks.
    Mz Johansen / zquilts

  34. Hey Marie - I sent you a new note to your email address that includes your ten addresses for the swap. Not sure what happened with the initial email, but no worries - they should be there now!


  35. Hello my 10 people
    Have been to the PO this AM. The hard part now is waiting for my postie to call. Cheers from Oz

  36. I sent my cards out yesterday. Thank you Shannon, for all the work you did. Please, give me your address and I'll be happy to send you a card too. (

  37. here's links to mine

    they'll be mailed out this week.

  38. My postcards are going postal this week. If you click on my name you can see them on my blog.

    Thanks Shannon for the fun swap!

    Cindy :)

  39. I'm so excited to be participating in this!

  40. I am very excited to join this game. wow I am start today. post card


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